Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Christmas Dinner Ever

I have told this story in a sermon before but I think it bears repeating. It is the story of the best Christmas Day ever.

When I was 16, our plan was to drive the two hours to my grandparents on Christmas Day for dinner. We would have our own Christmas Dinner on Boxing Day. But Old Man Winter had a different idea. We made it as far as the Halifax Airport before we turned around realizing that we simply couldn’t have made the journey safely.

When we got home we realized that the turkey was still frozen and that we would still have to have Christmas dinner on Boxing Day. Outside, the wind continued to howl and the snow piled up higher and higher. We were stuck.

Mom had a pound of hamburger in the freezer and a package of hamburger helper so that’s what we had for Christmas Dinner. It was the best Christmas Dinner ever! Oh, we probably opened up our Christmas crackers and read the silly jokes and wore the silly hats. (I wear my hat upside-down in honour of the Rev’d Isaac Butler, who once wore his hat upside-down.) But it wasn’t any of that that made it special. It was just such a relaxing day. We didn’t have to be any where (we couldn’t get any where). We didn’t have to fuss with a complicated meal (it was still frozen). We just relaxed, played with whatever gifts we received (I don’t ever remember what) and watched “The Sound of Music” on the TV.

Well, so what? That’s great for me, isn’t it? The reason why I think that story bears repeating is that it is really a call to forego the trappings (as much as possible) of the Christmas Season. I know that it’s difficult, but it is so much more wonderful if we take significant time over the season to remember the love God has for us. It’s not about mistletoe, sugarplums, presents, turkeys or even the children. It is about the awesome love God has for you and me and all of creation.

Joy to the world!

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