Monday, June 15, 2009

Children of God

Every so often we have a service of Baptism. It is an appropriate time for us to think about what Baptism is really all about. Even Bishop Ron Culter, reflecting on his ordination vows as a bishop, wrote about the connection to the vows made at Baptism. Baptism is a life long process of growing deeper and deeper in the knowledge and love of God.

For some people Baptism is about getting the grandparents to be quiet about it. For some it no more important than sprinkling water on someone's head. For some it is like fire insurance, protection from the fiery furnace. For some it is joining the club, even if it has too many rules.

Something very special happened at the Baptism of Jesus, something that happens at all Baptisms. Jesus was declared, by a voice from the heavens, to be the Son – a child of God. So were each of us at our Baptisms. Now, maybe the heavens didn’t open up and maybe we didn’t hear a voice declare anything about us, but the same thing that happen to Jesus happens in all Baptisms. The Spirit of God came upon Jesus and the Spirit of God comes upon us at all Baptisms.

Whenever we have a baptism an opportunity is given for all of us to renew our Baptismal vows. And by doing so, we renounce evil, commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and place our trust in God’s grace and love.

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