Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God Allows U-turns

It should be no secret by now that one of my very favorite characters in scripture is Thomas.  It’s not so much that this story is all that inspiring, in and of itself.  A guy, who happens to be out for a bit, misses the big event when Jesus appears to the others.  Naturally, he feels left out and, perhaps just to be stubborn, refuses to believe the reports of Jesus’ appearing, until he sees for himself, the wounds, and the man. We should all be so blessed.

So, for me, it’s not the story but the way Thomas has been treated down through the ages that affects me.  He has been tarnish forever for, well, for being human and simply wanting (demanding) that he be treated the same as everyone else.  I sometimes feel as though Jesus is acting like a parent, wanting all his children to feel equally loved.  It is as if he is helping Thomas to catch up with the others. Many preaches today are trying to redeem Thomas whose doubts built a strong faith.

Thomas’ story is a human story.  Sometimes we may feel like we are headed in the wrong direction, down the wrong road and the Good News is that God allows u-turns.  No matter how distant we feel from God, God is no further than right on our backs.

I read a cute sign outside one of those Churches that posts cute signs.  It read, “In the dark? Follow the Son.” Follow the Son, the Son of God.  Repentance means turning around.  God calls Thomas; God calls all of us to turning around and following God’s rule of life.

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