Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Abiding in the Spirit

On the block where I grew up, there was a wall at the corner.  It was a decorative wall that framed the lot that the apartment building was on.  It was just the right height for sitting.  I sat there often, hanging out with friends.  But what I remember the most was waiting. 

When I was around eight to eleven years old, most days in the late afternoon, just before supper, I would sit on the wall and wait for my dad.  He often walked home from the harbour ferry and I would wait on that wall for the distant figure way down the road to appear.  I would have enough time to run to the house and tell mom that I could see him and make it back to the wall to wait.  Maybe I would even run down the road to him and we would walk home together.

Waiting for someone is not the same as being with someone (obviously!), but waiting can be the same as loving. 

And so, I wait for the Day of Pentecost.

Over the years we have had some wonderful worship experiences on Pentecost.  Celebrating what we hoped and prayed would be our God-given vision; celebrating the five characteristics of our mission; tearing down walls and filling the font to overflowing.  Our worship on Pentecost has been a testament to the openness of the people of this parish to the Holy Spirit.

I thank God every day for you and for the moving of God’s Spirit amongst you.  We are still enjoying the Good News of the Easter Gospel and we are waiting for the Day of Pentecost.  Sometimes Christians are criticized for believing too much and not doing enough.  Well, we should believe and act on those beliefs.  We should also abide in God’s love.

Waiting on a wall for my dad to come home is like loving one another.  It is like abiding in the Holy Spirit, basking in the love of God.  And like listening to music, just let the Holy Spirit happen, just let the love of God happen.

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