Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Chestnut Tree War (Part 2): A Chestnut in Every Pot!

The war that the squirrels of my neighborhood are waging over the chestnut tree continues and seems to be escalating.  It’s not the only chestnut tree around but for some reason, known only to the squirrels; it is the only one worth fighting over.

I feel as though I’ve been unwillingly drawn into this war because my car has been commandeered by a squirrel as a resting place.  It stares at me as I make my way to the car, almost taunting me to even start the car. And when I return he looks at me as if I am in violation of the Geneva Convention.  I worry about the squirrel because I don’t want it to be caught in the engine or be run over.  Knowing full well that the squirrel’s only consideration is whether I am a competitor for the prized chestnuts, I still worry for him.

In last week’s article I considered the benefits of being able to communicate in squirrel-speak so that I could teach the squirrels that there are enough chestnuts for both squirrels for the whole winter.

Isn’t that just what God did:  looking at us and considering our plight (fighting over land, power and beliefs) and choosing to become incarnate?  God took on human flesh in Jesus Christ and became one of us and taught us about love, justice and sharing.  We not only ignored him, we crucified him, putting him to death.  Well not all of us; some of us believed and began developing communities based on these beliefs.

But alas, I am not God (for which we can all be thankful), and squirrels will be squirrels, but what I can do is dedicate myself everyday to being the best non-god, non-squirrel I can, helping to build a society of loving, justice-hungry and generous people.  A suggested motto: A Chestnut in Every Pot!

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