Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Time to Celebrate!

In 1971, rock band Rare Earth had a number one hit song called, I Just Want To Celebrate. It’s about a guy who put his faith in people and was let down. Then he put his trust in money, but that didn’t work out either. And what he’s learned is; it’s just a waste of time feeling sorrow and hate, so that is why he’s telling us:

I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah
I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah
Another day of living,
I just want to celebrate another day of life

It’s a catchy tune for sure and there’s some truth to the message in the song. We are often let down by people and money and this causes sorrow and hate. And when this happens we should remember, as the song says, But the sun is shining down on me/and it's here to stay.” In other words, there is always reason for hope and celebration.

One reason for hope and celebration at St. Paul’s Church is that this marks the second year in a row that we have paid all of our financial obligations. In June it seemed as though we were unlikely to meet our budget and we told you so. But, you stepped up to the plate, you increased your financial offering to the work and ministry of the church, you participated in our fundraisers and you volunteered in a greater variety of ministries. So, I will get frustrated when people say we only did this because of this one thing or that one thing. We did it because the Holy Spirit moved us, the people of St. Paul’s Church, to do everything we needed to do to make this happen.

So, I don’t put my trust in money or in people, I put my trust in God’s Holy Spirit moving in people, in the people of St. Paul’s and that Spirit will not let us down. That is why I’m telling you, “I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah!”

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