Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And then What?

Not all that long ago I felt as though we, as a parish, were floundering a bit. I n terms of ministry and doing the things that needed to be done, not a bit.  But financially we didn't seem to know where to turn.  Things were said and assumed that were inaccurate and when we finally turned to the diocese for help we discovered a whole new thing about ourselves.  We are, in fact, a part of a diocese that cares deeply about us.

The bishop (Sue Moxley) and representatives from the diocese introduced us to the 5/3 Plan, a sure-fire way to get out from under a heavy debt.  In essence, we said to the diocese, "forgive us our debts..." And they forgave us.  The 5/3 Plan is about creating the sure footing we need to carry the gospel into the future.

At the end of this year the 5/3 Plan ends and our debts officially forgiven.  And then what? What are we, as a gathered group of committed Christians, going to do?  Well, that's where the Parish Festival - This Is Your Church comes in.  It is a wonderful way for us to celebrate and plan together.

We have gotten to where we are because of the awesome people that are a part of this parish. You are, perhaps even unaware, filled with and guided by God's Holy Spirit.  Each of us blessed with Spiritual gifts.  Gifts not to be hidden, but to be used for the building up of the Body of Christ.

You can register now for the Parish Festival - This Is Your Church which takes place April 26 - 28. There's work to do at the Festival, for sure, but primarily it's a festival and will be fun.

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