Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pomp and Pageantry

The pomp and pageantry of Easter Day has passed for another year. We journeyed with Jesus through the forty days of Lent. We journeyed through Holy Week and remembered the terrible events of Good Friday and the Lord's passion. We rose early Easter morning to celebrate and bask in the glory of the resurrection.

Now, a week later, after the strains of “Jesus Christ has risen Today!” have fallen silent and only a few chocolate eggs remain we can remain confident in the love God so clearly has for us, for all people, and for all of creation.

Many years ago singer Joan Osborne released a song that was strangely controversial, “What if God Was One of Us.” Although she didn't write it, the line that got her in trouble was, “just a slob, like one of us.” I liked the song and I like the deeply important theological question it raised. In fact, the chorus said, “And yeah yeah God is great/yeah yeah God is good/yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.”

The answer to the question is that God was one of us and his name was Jesus. Some were inspired by his presence. And some were frightened. The frightened ones put him to death. And still today the frightened ones try and put him to death (in a way) by silencing his followers, or ignoring us, or by making fun of us. But given how he died and rose again all the silencing, ignoring and ridicule amounts to very little.

Our faith is strong. Our mission is important. The cause of spreading the message of God's love (mercy and forgiveness) and God's call to justice (an active discipleship) is entrusted to us. And it's not like Easter is just one day, Easter is 50 days. The gifts with which God has empowered us will be explored more fully during the Parish Festival later this month. Join us!

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