Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Even the hip and cool are welcome!

When I was a teenager, my much older brother and his friends, when they were in need of transportation for the evening would ask of one another, “are you mobile?”  My slightly younger sister and her friends would ask, “Got wheels?”  I thought that their slang, mobile and wheels, was pretty cool. But me and my friends would simply inquire of one another, “Can you borrow your parents car this evening?”  We would even add; I’ll chip in some gas money.

So, hip (as my brother’s friends would have said) or cool (as my sister’s friends would have said) were not things I ever aspired to.  Perhaps because I knew that the coolest kid seemed like a dork to someone, I am sure.

Maybe that’s why I ended up in the Church.  Being a clergy-person is not considered hip or cool by my friends from high school.  And clergy are rated along-side politicians and lawyers as amongst the most mistrusted professions, in recent national polls.

So, why would anyone choose to associate themselves with the Church?  Why would anyone put themselves in the path of ridicule from neighbours, co-workers and (even) family?  Well, it isn’t because I suddenly became cool.  It’s because Jesus is cool.

He stood apart from the crowd.  He wasn’t like anyone else.  He told parables that challenged people’s assumptions.  He healed people, even when he was told he shouldn’t.  He touched untouchables.  He loved unlovables.  He remained cool in the face of death.  He lives in the hearts of all who call him Lord.

And, he is so cool that his promise was fulfilled, that God’s Holy Spirit puts wheels under his people, mobilizes us to do God’s will and fills our tank every week.  And if proclaiming this makes me a dork, a dork I’ll proudly be.  There is no shame in a profession of faith.

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