Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Church versus Golf

There is an old story; in fact I’ve been known to tell it. It is the story of two men who were neighbours and every Sunday morning they greeted one another as they got into their cars. One, with his prayer book in his hand, on his way to Sunday morning worship. The other, a set of golf clubs on his way to the links. Every Sunday morning it was the same scene. The golfer invited the Christian to play golf. “No” was the simply and indignant response. And off the two drove to their different destinations.

As this went on, year after year, the Christian grew tired and frustrated by the invitation. Thinking: “doesn’t he know that I am off to Church?” One Sunday morning it had become too much for him and when his golfing neighbour invited him to play golf he exploded. He point out to the golfer that it was obvious that he had more important things to do than play golf, like worship God. And on his little rant went for five minutes, finally saying, “Every Sunday you invite me to play golf and you know that I am going to Church. Now stop it!”

After he stopped and calmed down a bit his golfing neighbour said, “I am sorry, you are right, every Sunday morning I have invited you to join me to play golf knowing full well where you were going. In all those years though, not once have you invited me to join you at Church.”

As we celebrate Back to Church Month, please remember – that person you think you might invite to Church, wants to be invited. That’s right, they want to be invited.

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