Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Sure Thing

One thing that I am sure about is that I haven’t a clue where the butterfly is going. It darts about in such a serendipitous manner that I wonder if it even knows where it will land.

I learnt the hard way that you should never pick up a hot pot before knowing where you were going to place it. Consequently, I like to plod out my course before I start any journey, be it a hot pot in a kitchen or a car on a highway. Somehow, despite my best efforts, I end up in places I never intended. That’s how I ended up at a wonderful little restaurant at Naufrage Harbour.

Life is filled with these sorts of happy little discoveries: a restaurant, a view, a book, a person, that turns out to be just what you needed. Sometimes the opposite happens and the person, place or thing isn’t want we needed or wanted. That, I guess, is life! I find that over time even these things taught me or gave me something I needed.

Churches need planning and we need butterflies, people who dart about. And though it may not seem terribly humble, I also believe (at least hope) the Church needs people like me, who learnt not to pick up a hot pot without a plan as to where it might be placed. I map things out for no other reason than I like to. I know that the butterfly-types and planner-types might end up in the same place and that place may not have been intended. But because we’re a Church, that place might be exactly where the Holy Spirit intended us to be. Of that I am sure!

Butterfly-types and planner-types are welcome to come to the Potluck (with a Purpose) to help plan how we can accomplish one of our four priorities: Social Justice.

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