Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deity Wanted

Many years ago, before the internet and history, a few human beings decided that it was time to recruit a deity: a god, someone, or some being worthy of worship. The human beings thought that they had evolved enough that they could handle a god to worship. They struck a committee which they believed to be a well balanced representation of the human race. The committee first worked on an ad seeking applicants for the new position.

God Wanted – a being worthy of worship by the whole human race. Must be a self starter and willing to work weekends. No previous experience required but command of the forces of nature will be considered an asset. Must be willing to support our sports teams, cause our horses to win (or at least place) and to have only our lottery numbers come up. Must bless our fields with light rain but only at night and must let our enemies dry up like dust. Must bless our farms and woodlands with more than enough cattle and game and be prepared to curse the driver who cuts us off in traffic. We want a deity to be there when we need you, but like, don’t crowd us.

Yahweh: that is God, being the only God in the entire universe, and therefore the only eligible candidate, applied for the position. At the interview God read the job description and said, “I am worthy of worship, but most of the rest of the job description I will not do. I will be… I am your God and you are my people. I want you to love me as I love you. I want you to love one another, because I love your enemies too. You won’t always get along with everyone but I want you to forgive and show mercy to everyone because I count the hairs on everyone’s heads and all are precious to me. I want you to be a blessing to all people. Your fields and streams, your farms and woodlands will be abundant for sure, but you must share the bountiful Earth and look after it. If you climb up to the highest mountain or go to the deepest part of the sea, you are in my creation, I value it and I will be there for you. And one thing you haven’t asked for I will give you and this is the greatest of all: your sins will be forgiven.”

The committee of human beings discussed the interview amongst themselves. They thought it was nice of God to apply for the job but it wasn’t really what they were wanting. Maybe they didn’t need a loving god to worship but a son of a god would be suitable. So, the human beings advertised again.

Wanted – one son of a god. Must be willing to meet us half way, and to be like a brother to us. Only needed about once a week and then for only about an hour. We will call out your name at all sorts of times but don’t expect you to really appear when we do. Occasionally expected to show your face in an oddly shaped potato, or the side of a Tim Hortons building. And can, if so desired, cause a statue or painting to cry blood (just for the fun of it). Must not talk about money or religion. Must have own sandals.

Jesus, being a natural choice and the only begotten Son of God, applied for the job. He said, “I will be like a brother for you. But as the Son, I am fully divine. I will teach and heal you. I will even die for you. And my Father, being really cool, will raise me from the dead and do this not just for you but for the whole world because, well, God love the whole world. As for not paying attention when you call my name every time two or three of you are gathered in my name, or even when you are alone, I will be with you, because that’s what you need. And all I ask of you is that you give my Father some credit and that you love one another. And just for emphasis I will say again, as a command, love one another.”

The committee of human beings talked amongst themselves and said they really like the candidate but that he seemed to have a lot of expectations. His sandals are cool, but maybe we don’t really need a god or even a son of a god. Maybe all we need is a like a spirit of a god, like the zest, or a pinch, you know, just a little bit. Not the whole thing. So, they published an ad for a spirit of a god.

Wanted – one spirit of a god. Must be willing to be like a god without really being a god at all. Must be willing to help us really feel it when we sing. Must help our work go easy and our play be fun. Must attend worship services and from time to time even be noticed.

The Holy Spirit applied for the job, again a logical choice, you know, like she was made for the role. The Holy Spirit said, “I can help you feel, I can ease your burden and make life joyful. But, I must warn you, I am more than just a little bit of God – I am as much the fullness of God as God is. When you call on me, you call on God and also on God’s Son. We are three, one and the same. We are three ways of experiencing the creative force of all that is. I am the fullness of God’s promise to be always present with you. I will be an advocate and a guide. You will never be without me, and I mean never.”

The committee of human beings thought, “O great! Now what?” Seems like: if they hire one, they hire all three. Not really what they set out to do. So, the human beings called in all three applicants. “Looks like the three of you have been in cahoots since the beginning.” The human beings rightly guessed that the job belonged to all three all along.

Now comes the awkward part, the humans really wondered what they were getting into. What does the triune God want in return for all that God did, does and will do for all the human beings?

And the Trinity said in one voice, “Love one another.”

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