Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friend Request

The English language is a funny thing. Sometime we have several words that mean essentially the same thing. For example, in terms of their origins, there is no difference between guarantee and warranty. Yet we can use the word church to mean building, worship, institution and community. The Church is all of those things of course and each one is important in its own way. But none of it is important in and of itself. Let me explain…

The other day I was scrolling through the postings of my Facebook friends. And typically I was going through it rather quickly, stopping to read only a few. I stopped on a posting from our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ron Cutler because it looks as though it wasn’t about where he was enjoying a beer. I was glad that I read his post because he said, “…our call is not to save the church but to be ministers of God’s salvation in the world…” It is so refreshing to hear a church leader encourage us to carry out our purpose as a blessing to the world. That is after all what God reminds his faithful people throughout the scriptures – that we are to be a blessing to the world.

I know that Ron understands the importance of church as building, worship, institution and community. He also knows that our value is based on being ministers of God’s salvation in the world. If you are on Facebook, send a friend request to Bishop Ron, follow the work he does and occasionally you will read gems like the one I’ve quoted here.

The only reason I mention that once and a while he posts about the beer he’s enjoying is that we must be coming to the fake national buy-a-priest-beer day. Just saying…

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