Friday, March 20, 2015


They tell me that the value of a “new” car diminishes significantly once you drive it off the lot. Once and a while, a model of car might become a classic and actually increase in value over time. This is rare and I am certain will not happen to minivans.

Thankfully, the gathered community of disciples of Jesus Christ is not a minivan. Humanity itself is not a minivan. There is always the promise and opportunity for us to be “made anew.” Being “made anew” shows a capacity of transformation.

There might be people in this world that think everything is just fine. They might be the wealthiest 1% who keep getting richer and richer. But the rest of us know that we are not living to the fullest of our potential or in harmony with one another and creation. There is room and reason for us to be made anew.

Even within the Church, not many of us believe that we have gotten it right. We know that we could love more fully, pray more deeply and act more effectively. There is room and reason for us to be made anew.

I don’t for a minute believe that Church-people are afraid of change, yet that remains the common wisdom about us. Sure, it’s natural to be uncomfortable with the unknown, but that’s different from not wanting change. If I asked for a show of hands of those people who thought we were perfect the one guy who puts up his hand would later admit he thought I asked, “who wants pizza?”

In fact, Christians hope and pray for transformation, of society, of the church and of ourselves all the time. We believe in a God who is capable of creating this transformation. We are, in God’s eyes, like a vintage car, worthy of restoration, being made anew and transformed.

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