Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Next Week

Water, fire, wind and a wild bird are all images associated with the God’s Holy Spirit. Fifty days after the Passover people gathered in Jerusalem for the spring harvest, known as the Festival of Weeks. The Apostles gathered there too. They were meeting in prayer and suddenly there was a violent wind and tongues of fire rested like a dove on each one. God’s Holy Spirit also appeared at the baptism of Jesus. For these reasons water, fire, wind and a dove are all associated with Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

St. Paul’s Church, never needing much of a reason to celebrate, has a history of great and glorious celebrations on Pentecost. This year will be, I hope, no exception. And following the 10:00 a.m. celebration of Holy Eucharist will be a parish meeting. For the time being I am calling this the Parish Life committee.

During the Parish Festival, we identified several things as our principal ministries. Three of which we have not spent a great deal of specific and dedicated time discussing. They are Belonging (to make it easy for people to join St. Paul’s and to help longtime members deepen their sense of belonging; Children/Youth/Families (we clearly desire to do more to engage children, youth and their families in the overall life and ministry that is St. Paul’s), and; Worship (we are called to worship together with creativity in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to be renewed).

On May 24, following the grand celebrations of the Day of Pentecost interested parishioners will gather in the parish hall to discuss how we will organize the identified ministries of Belonging, Family Ministry and Worship. You are welcome to attend. Please bring a brown bag lunch.

The committees that we set up are most effective when interested and skilled members of the parish, who are currently not members of Parish Council, also get involved. We are better able to achieve the vision and mission God calls us to, when we work together.

I can’t promise that the Holy Spirit will be at our meeting, but I also can’t promise that the Holy Spirit won’t be at our meeting. So, come on along, just in case. A new spark, a fresh wind, and nothing but hope.

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