Tuesday, June 23, 2015


To be convinced of something is to be moved, either by argument or by evidence, of the truth.

I am not one who enjoys an argument because I find that people are most likely to get entrenched, regardless of the evidence, when an argument begins. But of course, an argument can be a simple exchange of knowledge, facts and perspectives and doesn’t have to verge on fisticuffs. Such an exchange can be quite lively, informative and helpful.

So, despite my limited perspective and the visual clues I have, I can be convinced that the world is round based on the knowledge, facts and perspectives of others. I don’t have to go to the moon to be convinced.

It is a relatively easy thing to do, to convince people of things that are measurable. But what about the immeasurable? What about God?

It is beyond us to prove that God is; in the same way that we can prove that, the world is flat. Some would conclude that if we can’t measure it, it doesn’t exists. Before there were telescopes to see planets orbiting other stars we could only guess that there were other planets orbiting other stars because of the effect these planets had on their host star. Similarly, the existence of God is provable because of the effect God has on people.

Jesus wouldn’t have done what Jesus did unless there is a God. Mother Theresa too. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. Bishop Oscar Romero. Rosa Parks. I don’t know what I would be doing if I thought there wasn’t a God, probably not this… Average, ordinary (everyday) people do extraordinary things because of the affect God has on them. The funny part is that none of us think the things we do are extraordinary at all. Caring for a sick spouse, child, or neighbour. Volunteering as a coach or instructor. Reading scripture. Prayer. All of the things you do, countless sacrifices you make, are all the evidence I need to convince me that there is a God and that God continues to influences those who gather around. 

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