Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Capital Cam-Pain

If something’s broke, you fix it.

That simple maxim was taught to me early in life. No doubt most people heard something similar or just witnessed it in action. At home; if something is rotting or in need of repair you take the steps needed to fix or replace the thing. All buildings require, from time to time, significant renovation. The buildings on our block, those in our care, that is the care of St. Paul’s Parish, currently need renovation. Granted they are not necessarily the kinds of fixes that will be obvious to us, much of the work is behind walls or too high-up for us to see. But they are still needed and they need to be paid for.

I know that the mere thought of a capital campaign feels like a cam-pain to many of us. Any further delay would only serve to drive up the costs. So, Parish Council has decided to hold a capital campaign to raise $250,000, the bulk of which will be used for the repairs and if any remains it will be used for ongoing maintenance.

I had a hockey coach who liked to tell players to, “suck it up.” The pain of a capital campaign will be short-lived. No one will be asked to give beyond his or her means. No one will be made to feel guilty. You will be given the option to make a pledge to contribute to the renovation work that is currently required. Next Sunday you will hear more about the need for renovation and the plan to raise the money.

I am certain that, by working together, we will find ourselves on the other side of a capital campaign wondering what all the fuss was about. With some effort, it will be done and paid for before we know it. That’s the spirit that I know is alive and well here at St. Paul’s.

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