Friday, September 2, 2016

Mama Mia!

Let me make two things clear. First, I am all for the Confederation Centre of the Arts trying new things, even if it’s not my thing. Secondly, I have a kind of admiration for Islanders who have never seen Anne of Green Gables: The Musical.

I am not a fan of the pop group ᗅᗺᗷᗅ. I applaud the Centre for trying a new thing and their choice to present Mama Mia! this season. It was clearly a good idea, but I had no desire to attend. No amount of coaxing would convince me. No matter how good it was, no matter how much better than the Toronto or New York shows, I was happy to stay home. Plus, I secretly thought that maybe I would be held in the high esteem I held those few Islanders who’ve missed out on Anne (albeit, held in esteem by an increasingly small number of people).

Unfortunately, my refusal to attend came to an abrupt end. A few days before his death, Tom DeBlois bought tickets for himself and Claudia. After the funeral, Claudia presented me with the tickets, in appreciation for helping with the funeral. How could I say no? And in honour of my friend Tom, I attended Mama Mia! and I’m glad I did. I had fun. I’m not suddenly an ᗅᗺᗷᗅ fan, but I enjoyed the show.

I don’t know what I was thinking by staying home – that I knew all I needed to know, having never seen the musical, or the movie, or actually listened to an ᗅᗺᗷᗅ album. Which brings me to my point. Lots of people stay home from Church, thinking they know all they need to know about God. It’s our responsibility to be the Gospel, to live in such a way that others begin to doubt their complacency (agnosticism, atheism). And to invite people to Church: The Musical.

September is Back to Church month, a time when we remind ourselves that it’s okay to invite people to Church all year long. They will be glad you did. In fact, studies show that they already want you to invite them. Please, help draw people into a life with Christ.

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