Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Slightly Larger Brownie

Perhaps I shouldn’t reveal my mother’s baking secrets, but here it goes.

She is well known for her chocolate brownies. And I must admit that they are extraordinary. People have even been known to root through her very own, hand written collection of recipes. If they had asked me, I could have told them that the chocolate brownie recipe isn’t there.

These delicious, moist, perfect every time brownies are a delight. Once, Mom had made a pan of brownies and they were cooling on the counter. Bridge club was that night, so I knew that these were off limits. But the temptation remained. A half hour later I caught my Dad eating a brownie over the sink. I was indignant and told him so. I, after all, have overcome the temptation. I took a seat and waited for the inevitable fireworks when my mother finds the pan of brownies with one square already cut out. I knew too that I would be her first suspect. I was ready to turn in the culprit, my Dad.

My Mom came into the kitchen, saw the missing portion of chocolate brownie, laughed and asked my Dad if the brownie was good. He said, yes, very. That was the end of it. Mom seemed happy. My jaw hit the floor. I sat in silence until I finally asked, “can I have one too?” I was allowed, and I cut a slightly larger brownie than my Dad’s.

God, I am sure, takes pleasure in our pleasure. Pleasure is a kind of thanksgiving, but so too is saying, “thank you.” Both, the pleasure and the thanksgiving can be spiritual experiences. But both pale in comparison to the essence of God’s nature which is in sharing God’s divine life. So, enjoy what you have, and share what you have.

By the way, the reason there’s no chocolate brownie recipe in my mother’s hand written cook book is that it is printed on the back of every Duncan Hines cake box.

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