Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Things Change. Alleluia!

Armed with spices for the burial and on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene, goes to the tomb of Jesus to finish the burial process. She finds that the tomb is empty and she encounters the Risen Jesus who sends her, as the first apostle, to tell the others what’s happened. And everything changes, alleluia!

Things change because of the new life reflected in the first Gospel proclamation – “He Lives!”

·        Relationships change. Jesus, who called his followers sisters and brothers opens the possibility that friends and strangers, and even enemies, can be our sisters and brothers too.
·        Power changes. The people who knew Jesus begin to recognize him because he does as he had always done; loving, forgiving, breathing peace. God's power is revealed in the resurrected Christ and the redemption of the world is achieved.
·        Vision changes. We begin to see new life and Christ’s presence everywhere – in the budding of a flower, in the rising of the sun, the smell of a newborns’ head, and even in the heart of an enemy. We see opportunities for healing and redemption in the injustice and hurt that is all around.
·        Hearts change. The compassion that Christ showed in his life and encouraged in his followers helps us to see other people God’s children. No one is beyond God’s love, or ours. The grace of Christ is experienced in this knowledge.
·        Possibilities changes. The crucifixion seemed like the end, but it opened up great possibilities for us and for the whole world. Hate and violence lose and love wins.

Because “He Lives!” everything changes, Alleluia! The empty tomb is an invitation to rejoice in new life, to embrace the people God would have us be, and live more fully into the risen life of Jesus Christ.

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