Thursday, September 5, 2019

Clergy are Real People Too

There was a time when the consumption of beer was, for me, a matter of quantity.  Now, in my more discerning years, it is a quality that counts. Quality over quantity probably applies to more and more things in my life. Beer came to mind because Buy A Priest A Beer Day is fast approaching.

I wish I could point to an historical event like some English sheriff placing an unfair tariff on beer and the local clergy rose up and saved the day. And the people were so happy they plied their clergy with free beer. And ever since, early in September…

Well, I haven’t found such a story. Sadly though, there are plenty of stories where clergy did quite the opposite and touted the total tea pledge.

I should interject that there is a famous entry in the minutes of the Liverpool, Nova Scotia Temperance Society expressing disappointment that yet another Anglican clergy-person moved into the community and refused to join the Society.

So, if your getting the impression that Buy A Priest A Beer Day is totally made up and hardly even a decade old, you’d be right. It dates all the way back to 2007. But it has a lofty purpose—to remind the faithful, and the not so much, that clergy are people too.

I don’t think, in my case, there’s much doubt regarding my humanness and associated failings. Occasionally however, I wish more people remembered and appreciated that I too am on a spiritual journey and that we are here to help one another along the way.

So, I wouldn’t refuse a free beer, but more importantly, to continue to have what I already enjoy in this community: forgiveness after I’ve messed up; love when I hurt; and acceptance when I’ve changed. And I promise to continue to forgive, love, and accept you.

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