Thursday, October 16, 2008


As you know, due to the generosity of the estate of Eleanor Mary Mitchell we are making renovations to the church building. Some of these renovations will be behind the scene and won’t be all that obvious, but which are still necessary.

We will be putting new flooring in the chancel. So, the choir stalls will be gone for a few weeks. We might even consider alternate seating for the choirs. We will also be taking up the carpets. After we determine what the condition of the floor is we will either leave the floor bare or re-carpet it.

We have recently had the lights in the church looked at and because of deteriorated wiring, we will have to replace all the bulbs and redo the wiring. In all likelihood, we would rather replace the lights with brighter chandeliers.

Both Choir rooms will be renovated (including new windows). What had been formally known as the "men’s choir room" will become a "breakout room." This is a new term for many of us. We are really trying to respond to the request made by many people with young children and a desire they have for a room to take their children when they are too noisy. This room is an option for parents. Many of us would rather that the children stay in the church, even if they are a little noisy. But this is simply an option for those who want to use it. It would also be a where the clergy and servers would get ready before the service.

We hope to put a sink in the "breakout room," for those occasions when we will have receptions or times of fellowship in the church.

The vestry, the room at the front of the church on the Gospel side, would be renovated, clearing out much of the clutter.

This is an exciting time and there may be some disorder in the church the next few weeks but in the end I am confident that the Church will look quite wonderful.

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