Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out of Amazing Grace, a Silent Night

In 2008 the national Church held the Amazing Grace Project. Everyone was invited to record themselves singing “Amazing Grace.” The Amazing Grace Project was a resounding success. Thousands of Canadian Anglicans sang and recorded themselves in downtown cathedrals, seniors' homes, and remote out ports. Over 500 videos were sent in and a documentary, Amazing Together was produced. The ten minute video has been viewed over 4,000 times on YouTube and received a special jury award at WorldFest Houston.

Not only did we sing, we also gave. Although the Amazing Grace Project was originally designed as a unity-building project, the project raised over $100,000, now being used for suicide prevention in the Council of the North.

This year we are being asked to sing “Silent Night” and send it to the Anglican Church of Canada national office by December 14. All of the videos will be included in a documentary, which will be posted online by Christmas. We are again invited to chip in a toonie or loonie, and this time all donations will be given to the Anglican Military Ordinariate (AMO). Through the AMO, Canadian Anglicans support chaplains and their families who minister to the Canadian Forces.

Perhaps we could think of a unique way of singing “Silent Night” and assure ourselves a spot in the final product.

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