Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plaque of Appreciation

At the Parish Council meeting this week, the Rev. Scott McIsaac, Chaplain and coordinator of the Community Chaplaincy program for PEI presented a plaque of appreciation to the people of St. Paul’s parish.

The chaplaincy program is a direct result of the work and ministry of the Rev. Jacques Smith in prison ministry. Over the years, St. Paul’s Church has, through representatives such as the late Ron Yearwood and Clar Fradsham, played a significant role in the development of the chaplaincy.

Today, St. Paul’s Church continues our partnership through the granting of funds from the DeBlois Peace Memorial Fund and through the ministry of the Rev. Madonna Fradsham in the female chaplaincy program.

The island wide chaplaincy program currently has a five member team providing spiritual support for inmates and their families. At the provincial correctional facility services are held weekly. There are several ways in which inmates are assisted in returning to life in the community upon their release. The Rev. Scott McIsaac expressed his deep appreciation for the support received from St. Paul’s and his hope for continuing in a successful and fruitful partnership with the people of St. Paul’s parish.

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