Thursday, September 16, 2010

What’s Happening?

Back to Church Sunday
September 26

We will be advertizing Back to Church Sunday with posters, flyers and by contacting local media. John has made himself available for interviews. Also, Bishop Sue Moxley is attending meeting on PEI next week and she is willing to be interviewed by the media.

The Worship Team has planned to have the whole service on the screens so that people new to St. Paul’s won’t have to worry about books and page numbers. We have chosen hymns that we think people will enjoy singing and that speak to the theme of coming back to Church. Everyone is welcome to be A Part Of The Family. Everyone will be invited to take part in communion, if they wish, no matter what their history is with the Church.

Following each service there will be a brunch served in the Parish Hall. It will be an opportunity for us to meet and talk in a relaxed way. Back to Church Sunday is really about making personal connections with others in our journey of faith.

A simple invitation is not to judge, criticize or threaten others, it is to offer people an opportunity to come to Church. So, the important thing is to invite someone to Church. If they say no, you should still come to Church next week and meet the others who have come Back to Church.

Please invite someone, if they don’t come next week, maybe they will come the following week.

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