Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wireless Fridges

Advertizing signs often make me laugh. I saw a motel this summer advertize, amongst other things, “wireless friges.” I know that they meant that wireless internet was available as well as refrigerators, but the sign still struck me as funny. I’ve noticed that they have since altered their signage, perhaps because I wasn’t the only one to be amused by it.

So, when we started advertizing Back to Church Sunday the natural question is; what are we inviting people back to? It is a great opportunity for us to think about who we are; what are we trying to do; and; whether we make a difference in our lives or in the community.

No one person has the whole truth about God, but together we can discern God call and God’s expectations. In very real ways we are each limited in our ability to know God, but by sharing times of worship and study we can grow deeper in our knowledge and love of God.

I think that it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus Christ to pray for the ability to love and to let that love direct our choices in every part of our lives. We all know the importance of letting the love of God direct and inform our actions as partners, as parents, as neighbours, as business people, as whoever we are between Sundays.

When we are granted the privilege of hearing the story of someone else in our community we hear the tremendous transformation that is promised in the Gospels. In so many ways our lives are changed for the good because we are a people of faith.

The goal of the Church today is to make becoming a member easy, but to be clear about the fact that it is not easy for everyone to remain a member. It’s easier to jump on a bandwagon than it is to stay on one. Every time someone wants to get on we should make it easy and welcoming. Forgiveness is, after all, the cornerstone of love. The wonderful thing about the bandwagon we call the Church is that it makes room for everyone.

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