Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Potluck Worship

This Sunday past, we held a parish potluck (with a purpose) to discuss one of the priorities for the parish and that is to improve upon our worship.

One thing we did was wonder what it was like for people to visit St. Paul’s. Several people spoke about what they have heard from conversations with visitors at coffee hour. We also shared what it was like for us when we first came to St. Paul’s. It was generally acknowledged that our worship time on Sunday mornings is open, welcoming and comfortable. Many people, who visit us regularly (annually) speak of our worship as being special (like we’re always doing something new), it is like coming home, like a reunion. The worship is also described as exciting.

Generally speaking there is good energy in the worship. We recognized that the building itself is a tremendous asset and we wondered how it might be utilized even more in worship.

Rather than becoming complacent, resting on our laurels, the mood at the potluck was that there is more that we can do to help enhance the experience of visitors and new (to us) people who worship with us. We can help people navigate more easily through the worship and thus feel more a part of what’s happening. Perhaps parishioners could act as guides to new comers.

It was generally agreed that we should keep variety in our worship, in the use of Eucharistic Prayers and in the music. The diversity we enjoy in worship leadership is a good thing that ought to be maintained and enhanced.

There were several suggestions regarding helping visitors have a better experience and ways to improve the worship services for all parishioners. A call or volunteers to form a worship committee was issued and six people raised their hands. A meeting will happen soon and all members of the parish will be welcome to attend. We will review the many suggestions we received.

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