Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Safe Opportunity

Last Sunday we held a parish meeting regarding blessing the marriages of same-sex couples. I suppose that, within our congregation there are three kinds of people: those who are in favour; those who are indifferent and; those who are opposed. Our meeting proved to be an opportunity for those who are in favour of the blessings of same sex marriages to make their thoughts, feelings and frustrations known. The message has been heard and received by the Parish Council.

At some point this year I will be asking the Parish Council to agree with option 1, to allow the blessing of same sex couples who are married to take place at St. Paul’s Church.  I believe this to be the right course of action for the Church at this time.

Yet, I think that on this issue we, the parishioners of St. Paul’s Church, are not of one mind. I often say that membership in the Church is not dependent upon agreeing with the rector, which is as true of this issue as it is of any other.

I pride myself in providing safe and healthy opportunities for people to express themselves on every decision that comes before us. Last Sunday’s meeting was a chance for those who are in favour of the change to say so, but it may not have felt like a safe opportunity for those who wish things to stay the same.

I therefore think it is important that a safe place be created. If you are troubled by this possible change in our Church or if you are opposed to it, please be in touch with me and I promise to bring your thoughts and concerns to the Parish Council during the debate. You choose your method of communication; letter, email, meeting. The way we are with one another is too important a thing to stop being respectful and loving. Please participate.

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